Why Would Olympic Athletes risk using Steroids?

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There are over 100 variations of anabolic steroids currently available, and these drugs artificially mimic the hormones in the body that stimulate cell growth, and many of them are very potent and can produce rapid growth of muscle tissue and overall body strength when combined with physical training. For athletes steroids can produce very positive effects in increasing speed, strength and endurance, but in terms of competitive sport this is perceived as giving an unfair advantage over other athletes and this combined with the many dangerous side effects of anabolic steroids means that many of these drugs are banned from professional sports.

The Olympic Committee imposes the strictest rules regarding the use of anabolic steroids and also the harshest penalties for those athletes who test positive, and severe breaches could result in the athlete receiving a lifetime ban from the sport and up to $1,000,000 fine. It is difficult to see why any athlete would risk taking anabolic steroids in order to improve their performance, but in many cases steroids appear in regular over the counter medicines, and some athletes do not realise they are taking them at all.

This is exemplified by the case of gymnast Andreea Raucan, who had her gold medal stripped from her in the 2000 Olympics after she tested positive for trace levels of pseudoephedrine. The gymnast claimed that she indigested the drug through a medicine she was taking for a heavy cold, and that it was in such low amounts and over such a short period of time that it could not have affected her over all performance. However as far as the International Olympic Committee were concerned she had tested positive and so the rules stated she had to be stripped of her medal.

Despite the fact that anabolic steroids are banned in professional sports they are still widely available, and also many non-professional athletes, weight lifters and sportsmen use these drugs to boost their performance and strength. There are many difference types of anabolic steroids, and these vary in strength and effect on the body. For example trenbolone is a very powerful steroid that was originally designed for use as a vetinary drug, and has become a popular substance in the weight lifting and body building world, as it has a highly androgenic effect that can significantly increases strength and reduce fat.

However before you buy steroids and start using them it is important that you understand the risks. Anabolic steroids are powerful drugs that can have significant side effects on the body, many of which can be very serious and long lasting such as depression, delusions, problems sleeping, high blood pressure (which can damage the heart over time), urinary tract problems and an increased risk of some types of cancer. Minor side effects can include dizziness and mood swings, and also the increased strength and performance can lead to over exertion and an increased risk of injury. ;)

Buying Ab Machines

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Ab machines are designed to target your front and side abdominal muscles and also your deep lower chest and back muscles. This firms up flabby stomachs, increases core body strength and helps to strengthen the lower back.

There are plenty of gimmicky abs machines on the market but some of them only target the front abdominals, which is not effective in really toning your abs, so make sure you choose a machine that offers a full range of motion and a complete stretch. You should spend a bit more money and get a machine that is fully adjustable to your individual height and size, as badly fitting abs machines are not effective and can put unnecessary pressure on your back, resulting in strains and muscle aches. A good quality abs machines should come with at least a 1 year limited warrantee, so make sure you check the product before you buy to ensure you have some protection against any manufacturing defects.

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Highest of body building competion winner

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A new system for predicting the proper dose of the blood thinner warfarin could help doctors do a better job of preventing dangerous blood clots and serious bleeding, researchers reported on WednesdaySome patients needed more than twice te weekly dose than others did, the study showed, and the new test better predicted who needed more and who needed less.blood clots. But too high a dose and a patient can bleed to death, while too low a dose can cause strokes or heart attacks as clots form.

The international research team led by Dr. Teri Klein of Stanford University in California took clinical and genetic information from 4,043 patients to create a computer algorithm predicting who would need a higher or lower dose.

The new approach is called pharmacogenetics -- using patient's genetic variations to predict their response to drugs.

Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, the researchers said they tested this algorithm in 1,009 other people.

ited States each year and repeated testing to assess clotting time is needed to find the right dose. safest dose for one person may be 10 times higher than the best dose for someone else.

The National Institutes of Health is about to launch a large-scale test with 1,200 volunteers to see if the new system works better.

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Apple "Good for your health"

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Health View

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Heat for Health Care

n television commercials that will begin broadcasting statewide on Monday, nurses and patients take a personal swipe at the governor, imploring, “Why are you doing this?” At one point, a nurse says, “I can’t believe Governor Paterson is the one making this proposal.” Then a man, blind and in a wheelchair, asks the governor, who is legally blind, “Why are you doing this to me?”blicans are ratcheting up their own objections to the governor’s budget proposal, taking advantage of what they consider an opening to . Some Democrats have worried publicly that Mr. Paterson is not moving quickly and aggressively enough to counter criticism about his handling of the appointment of the Senate.
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