Buying Ab Machines

Posted by Admin Friday, May 22, 2009

Ab machines are designed to target your front and side abdominal muscles and also your deep lower chest and back muscles. This firms up flabby stomachs, increases core body strength and helps to strengthen the lower back.

There are plenty of gimmicky abs machines on the market but some of them only target the front abdominals, which is not effective in really toning your abs, so make sure you choose a machine that offers a full range of motion and a complete stretch. You should spend a bit more money and get a machine that is fully adjustable to your individual height and size, as badly fitting abs machines are not effective and can put unnecessary pressure on your back, resulting in strains and muscle aches. A good quality abs machines should come with at least a 1 year limited warrantee, so make sure you check the product before you buy to ensure you have some protection against any manufacturing defects.


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